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Dyer Prime was founded by David Dyer and has grown into a full service business marketing studio. The team of designers and print experts at Dyer Prime are committed to all facets of marketing your business. From promotional items such as brochures and business cards to branded shirts, hoodies, and hats, we’ve got you covered. We even provide digital services as well, so if you need a logo designed or even a whole business website created, Dyer Prime is your one stop shop.

David Dyer – Founder

Staff Sergeant David Dyer was born in Charleston, West Virginia. He enlisted in the U.S. Army National Guard in 2001 as a Military Photojournalist MOS 46Q. As a civilian Mr. Dyer owns and produces DyerTimes YouTube Channel and Dyer Outdoor LLC. His military education consists of the Print Journalism Course and a Digital Image and Video Distribution System operator. His civilian education consists of graduation West Virginia University Institute of Technology in 2007, majoring in GraphicDesign and a minor in Printing. He also is a

Certified Primitive Skills Instructor from Cornell University, NY. Working with all ages facilitating nature awareness and connection. Staff Sergeant Dyer was deployed to Tikrit, Iraq in 2004 for 15 months. He is a member of several organizations including the Veterans of Foreign Wars, The Big One Association, and Masonic Lodge.

Tye Ward – Graphic Design

A graphic designer in the hills of central West Virginia. He is a US Army Veteran with one tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom. As a father he has made it his mission in life to balance modern life and the knowledge past generations have left us, and pass that knowledge to his kids. Tye lives in the country and maintains a lifestyle that takes full advantage of the wonder that is nature. Farming, building, hunting, fishing and creativity are all he needs to survive.

Bruce Vealey – Production Assistant

Born September 1988 in a desert on the Pacific side but raised in the rolling West Virginia hills. Vealey is an extreme sports enthusiast specifically with BMX Bikes. From a young age he has always enjoyed documenting life, be it photo or video work. This passion lead him to join the Army as a photo/video journalist to hone his craft. In addition to journalism Vealey is also a firearms enthusiast and stood out as an expert rifleman, machine gunner, and grenadier. After the military he dove into tattooing where he also found an affinity in the subculture for making tattoo machines. In short, a man with a lot of irons in a lot of fires and that’s just the way he likes it. Montani Semper Liberi

You can check out his YouTube Channel out by clicking HERE!

Amanda Litton – Writer

Amanda Litton, born and raised in Charleston, WV, is currently a registered nurse in the intensive care unit at a local hospital. She attained her Bachelor’s of Nursing from West Virginia Wesleyan College. Recently she has found a love for the outdoors: hunting, fishing, shooting skeet, camping and mountain biking just to name a few!! Amanda has a passion for sharing her love of the outdoors with her friends and anyone who will listen. After long consideration and chatting with Mr. Dyer, the two decided to join forces for good… Or evil-to share the life of the outdoors from a woman’s perspective and give the outdoors some FLARE! Feel free to join in on her shenanigans as she shares all her experiences of the outdoors and see what comedy ensues!

Check out her Blog “Huntress in Heels” HERE!


Rodrigo Perez – Web Designer

Born and raised in Florida, Rodrigo has always had an interest in graphic design and art. As soon as he got his first computer, he started to learn the ins and outs of coding and eventually merged the two interests into one as a web designer.

He has 8+ years of experience in web design. So whether you need a full website built from scratch or modifications to your existing website, he’s your go to designer.

See more of his work at rodrigoperez.me

Laura Dyer – Social Media Manager

Laura Dyer is a proud USAF wife that was born and raised in the Charleston, WV area.

She obtained her Marketing degree with a minor in Business Entrepreneurship from Marshall University in 2008. Since then she’s worked in the health care field as C.Ph.T. and a Medicare/Insurance account manager. Laura also is a self-employed consultant for a major national fashion chain. Laura is also very involved in her church where she is the worship leader, a Sunday school teacher, youth leader, dance team instructor, social media manager, and web site designer. In 2011-2012, Laura completed training and is now a certified  Laity Speaker for the West Virginia United Methodist Conference and the National United Methodist Conference.

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